National Alliance on Mental Illness Philadelphia

Legal Resources

Free Legal Services in Philadelphia
For help with a variety of civil legal problems such as divorce, custody, support,public housing, public benefits, employment, utilities, landlord/tenant etc.
Community Legal Services, Main Office
1424 Chestnut Street
Phila. PA 19102

Community Legal Services, Law Center North Central
3638 North Broad Street
Phila. PA 19140

For help with Medicaid and Medicare services:
Pennsylvania Health Law Project
PHLP provides free legal services to lower-income consumers, seniors, and persons with disabilities who are having trouble accessing publicly funded healthcare coverage or services. If you are denied or terminated from enrollment in a publicly funded healthcare programs or if you have a service denied, reduced, or terminated, PHLP may provide you free direct representation on your appeal.
1-800-274-3258 TTY:1-866-236-6310

Philadelphia Office
Lafayette Building, Suite 900
437 Chestnut St.
Phila. PA 19106

For help if you have a disability:
Disabilities Rights Network of Pennsylvania
The Disabilities Law Project (DLP) is a non profit statewide public interest law firm that provides legal assistance and other services to individuals with disabilities, their organizations, their families, and their advocates. DLP’s main purpose is to advocate for the civil rights of persons with mental and physical disabilities,especially their right to live as integral parts of their communities. DLP works to ensure that people with disabilities have equal and unhindered access to employment, transportation, public accommodations, and government services; to enforce their rights to vocational, habilitative, post-secondary educational, health, and other services; and to protect them from abuse and neglect.

Philadelphia Office
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 400
Phila. PA 19107
215-238-8070 (Voice)
215-238-6069 (TDD)
215-772-3126 (Fax)

If you have been accused of a crime:
Defender Association of Philadelphia
70 N. 17th Street
Phila. PA 19103

For legal assistance to consumers in hospitals,
prisons, and other institutions:
PA Institutional Law Project
Philadelphia VIP
(or go to Community Legal Services or Philadelphia Legal Assistance)

For information if you are having a problem
with your child's education at a public school:
Education Law Center
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 400
Phila. PA 19107
215-238-6970 (voice)
215-238-5892 (TTY)

Women's Law Project
(Telephone counseling and referral only)
For help with consumer debt issues:
Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project
(or go to Community Legal Services or Philadelphia Legal Assistance)

For help with domestic abuse:
Women against Abuse Legal Center
100 South Broad Street, 5th floor
Phila. PA 19110
Legal Clinic for the Disabled
1513 Race Street
Phila. PA 19102
215-587-3350 (voice)
215-587-3352 (TDD)

For help if you are a farm worker:
Friends of Farm workers, Main Office
924 Cherry Street, Suite 4
Phila. PA 19107
215-733-0878 or 1800-729-1607

For help if you have a legal problem because
you are gay or lesbian:
The Center for Lesbian and Gay Rights
1315 Spruce Street
Phila. PA 19107
For help if you are affected by the AIDS epidemic:
AIDS Law Project
1211 Chestnut Street, Suite 1200
Phila. PA 19107

For help if you are homeless or facing homelessness:
Homeless Advocacy Project
215-523-9595 or 1-877-435-7755
For help with immigration matters:
HIAS and Council Migration Service
2100 Arch Street, 3rd floor
Phila. PA 19103
Nationalities Service Center
1300 Spruce Street
Phila. PA 19107

For help if you are a senior citizen:
Senior Citizen Judicare
1101 Market Street, 11th floor
Phila. PA 19107

For help if you are an artist:
Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
251 South 18th street
Phila. PA 19103

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