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Community Behavioral Health

CBH is the Philadelphia managed care organiztion providing behavioral health services to Philadelphia residents.  CBH connects you to Adult, Child and Adolescent mental health and substance abuse services. 24 hours a day/7 days a week

Mental Health Services

Uninsured or Underinsured
24 hours a day/7 days a week

Behavioral Health Special Initiative

BHSI provides uninsured and underinsured persons with severe substance abuse disorders and co-occurring issues with the opportunity to access a continuum of licensed care including detoxification, non-hospital inpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, halfway housing and ancillary services.
Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Asian Behavioral Health Program at Hall-Mercer Community Mental Health Center
Pennsylvania Hospital's Asian Behavioral Health program Celebrates 20 Years of Helping our Asian Community Come to Grips with Depression, Bipolar and Behavioral Disorders.
Hall-Mercer Community Mental Health Center, 245 South Eighth Street, Philadelphia
Helen Luu, Director  215-829-5203

The program consists of a multilingual team of five case managers providing social rehabilitation, translation services, case management, counseling, psychiatric services, and community outreach specifically designed for the Asian population. Case managers help bridge language and cultural barriers, working with clients from Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Indonesia. The program at Hall-Mercer has been successful in working with clients to alter many common beliefs and practices.


PRO-ACT is a grassroots recovery support initiative in Southeastern Pennsylvania (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties) working toreduce the stigma of addiction, ensure the availability of adequate treatment andrecoverysupport services, and to influence public opinion and policy regarding the value of recovery.
Philadelphia: 215-923-2202

Family Education Program
FREE monthly education program for families dealing with a loved one's alcohol or other drug problem.  The program offers information, help and healing to family and friends who are concerned about a person's drinking or drug use.
Program Outcomes: * understanding addiction
    * the impact on the family
    * developing a support network
Location: Pro-Act 3rd Street Training Center
444 N. 3rd St.     Suite 307
Phila. 19123

For information and to register - Call 800-221-6333 Monday-Friday
9 AM to 5 PM or visit us online at

Family Resource Network

The Family Resource Network was established in response to the need of families to access information about the behavioral health system and the support groups who educate them. Due to the cooperative relationship of the FRN members, families are able to acquire more immediate information, and have a choice of support groups.


Click here for FRN website.

Family Support Specialist's Office of the

Philadelphia Office of Mental Health
 Assists families at Mental Health Court with concerns about court procedures and refers
families to Family Resource Network members.

- Resource for information & referrals for families.

 - Speaks to families for information related to Mental Health Courts at
Girard Medical Center, Einstein Hospital, and Friends Hospital.

- Makes referrals to local family education & support groups about mental illness.

- Resource for families whose loved ones may be mentally ill and incarcerated.

Contact:  Angela Smith, 215-546-0300, x2357

Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Phila. Mental Health Clinic
 For Veterans of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey

Behavioral Health Alliance Project for Older Adults: Behavioral Health Referral Center

Serves residents of South & West Philadelphia.  Provides behavioral health resources, screening, and assistance in accessing behavioral health services for older adults.
215-765-9000 ext: 3179

Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Telephone Information Line
  Information and Referral staff respond to questions from callers seeking information about services or other behavioral health issues.  Staff members direct callers to the most appropriate service either within The Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP) or another resource, provide a sympathetic response to their concerns and try to determine whether their questions or problems warrant follow-up.

The telephone information line helps you with:  questions about mental health services and other information, where you can go for help, your concerns about a family member, sorting out difficulties you are experiencing and you don’t know where to turn, information about support groups, requests for specific literature on mental health or mental illness, questions about a relative who needs mental health help, joining the Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA or volunteer opportunities.

Information and Referral services (I&R) at the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP) are available free of charge to residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania, which includes Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties.

 Telephone Information Line

Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

267-507-3843 or 1-800-688-4226 ext. 3843

Hoarding Task Force

The Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force (PHTF) was convened in 2013 to improve outcomes for people who hoard and reduce the catastrophic consequences related to hoarding for residents of the City of Philadelphia.
Balancing the rights of the individual with the health and safety needs of the community, PHTF works to provide individuals and organizations in the region with the tools they need to successfully overcome this challenging issue.

Resources to Help

Looking for services to help someone who is hoarding? On their website Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force has compiled a guide to resources in the Philadelphia area including:
Professional Organizers
    Heavy Cleaning and Vector Services
    Social Work/Case Management
    Mental Health Services
    Financial Counseling


If you have questions regarding hoarding-related resources in the Philadelphia area, please call one of two information lines based on the age of the person with hoarding behaviors:
Under 60 years of age:
60 years of age and above: 215-545-5728

Ask the Pharmacist

The Family Resource Center at Friends Hospital answers questions and concerns about psychiatric medications.
Leave a message and your call will be returned.

Daily Mood Chart

The Purpose of Mood Charting
The technique provides you with a simple way to generate a graphic representation of your mood fluctuations.  Each page displays one month at a time.  Mood Charting allows you to bring together important pieces of information such as mood state, medication levels, and major life events.  This should help in detecting patterns and looking to the future.

Click here to link to PDF Form.  

Confidentiality Release Form

Authorization to release confidential information to family/significant others.

Click here to link to PDF Form.  

The Frieda Kraftsow Sacks Resource Center at Belmont Center

Books, articles, videos, handouts
Call: 215-581-5487

The Consumer Satisfaction Team of Philadelphia

Assistance with concerns about Philadelphia public behavioral health agencies.

NAMI members do you have a family member who receives behavioral health services that are funded through Philadelphia's Department of Behavioral Health?  If so, the Consumer Satisfaction Team is interested in what you think about those services.  Please take a few minutes, to fill out the following survey and mail it to the address that is listed at the top of
the survey.  If you have any questions, please call CST and we will be glad
to answer your questions.  Thank you for your time.  Your comments are
important and appreciated.

Click here to link to PDF Form.  



This form will assist police, fire or medical personnel when they are responding
to an emergency or other call from your home, in identifying and/or assisting you, or a person in your household who has a disability.
The information will be submitted into the Philadelphia Police Department's CAD system for use by Philadelphia's 911 dispatchers. The purpose is to ensure that 911 dispatchers and emergency response personnel are aware, in advance, of any information you feel they would need to know about people with disabilities in your household in the event of an emergency.

Planned Lifetime Assistance Network (PLAN)

PLAN of PA is a non-profit organization that helps organize a program to provide assistance to the mentally disabled family member when the family is no longer able to, and in many instances, assists the family during the latter's lifetime.
Private case management, Representative Payee Service, Managed trust accounts.


Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania

Transition to Employment Program

Now you no longer have to chose
between work and health care coverage!
If you receive
Supplemental Security Income(SSI) due to disability or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) we can assist you in developing a plan to achieve your goals by making informed choices about your options for training and work including the impact upon your health care benefits!

1-800-692-7443   ext. 309

Mental Health Advanced Directive

A Mental Health Advanced Directive is a document that allows the consumer to make their choices known regarding mental health treatment in the event that their mental illness makes them unable to make decisions.  In effect, they are making decisions about treatment before the time that they will need it. This allows them to make more informed decisionsand to make their wishes clearly  known.  A new law was passed in Pennsylvania, effective January 28, 2005, that makes it possible for the consumer to use a Mental Health Advance Directive. 
Click here for Instructions and Forms (PDF).  

Philly Network of Care

Comprehensive Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health website for informationon mental disorders, services in  Philadelphia, and self-help support groups.

Click here to link to Philly Network of Care.  

Philly S.O.S.

Philadelphia's most comprehensive and up-to-date online resource for social services brought to you by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services.
Whether you're looking for a day care facility, help paying your gas bill or the nearest City Recreation Center, Philly SOS is your one-stop website with all of the answers. Best of all, searching is simple!

Click here to link to the Philly S.O.S. wesite.  

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